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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  February 9, 2013 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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take a look at stuart varney. >> he looks happy. >> he loves america. >> he's a cowboy. we were thinking of you. >> greg? >> o'reilley tonight with mcquirk and red eye in this studio. we'll do it out of the fife because of the snow storm. we gote a good show. >> are you going to sanitize it after? >> what do you mean? >> what is wrong with you? >> after you are in it with "red eye." >> are you saying somehow that we're contaminated or infectious? >> you did getor the notice that none no. one else in thein business did to clean out your stuff. >> that's true. you had that memo about the spring >> that's where i found seth, my former assistant. >> i remember him. >> no, keep going, so bob can't do his one more thing. >> i'm going to turn to
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dr. carson. let me make a point. you talked about reading your bible and tighting. if you read it carefully, the great apostle, paul, says that we should always honor authority. and you sat next to the president of the united statesre and you belittled his programs. doctor, if i were you, i'd stick tos medicine -- >> excuse me. i didn't -- >> bob, this man is a very -- >> bob, we have no time left. >> would you stop y interruptin? >> that's it for "the five." thanks for. watching. have a great evening. bye-bye. >> rick: fox news alert and a monster storm battering the northeast, burying some areas under as much as three feet of snow. now the big digout begins. glad you're with us, i'm rick folbaum. >> i'm arthel neville. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. five states are under a state of emergency. hundreds of thousands of people
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are without power, coping as best they can in the dead of winter. and in adversity, a wedding comes to symbolize the human spirit. when one come in connecticut didn't let the blizzard get in the way of their big day. >> it was stressful this morning, but now that i'm here, i think things are going to be okay. >> what do you think about the whole blizzard on the day of your wedding? >> i'll always remember it. >> rick: in massachusetts, where the blizzard is forcing evacuations in some areas. molly line is live in boston with the very latest. hi. >> hi. this is proving to be a brutal storm. we're here in boston where things are beginning to get back to normal. they're not there yet. the transit system here in boston is still shut down. they're hopeful to get it reopened to get the trains rolling again. by the latest, they want to see things back up and running for the monday morning commute. a really difficult situation here. a loft digging out to be done. the mayor asking everybody to
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stay inside, logan airplane here in boston, expected to open up later on tonight at around 11:00 o'clock. so tomorrow morning, we should see some packed flights beginning to get to roll. one of the things that happened today was the travel ban that's been lifted. you can see the highway behind me. the cars beginning to get back out there on the roads. a lot of the side roads are stale big mess. the governor feels like he made the right decision to institute that ban overt course of the storm. take a listen to governor patrick. >> i would say on the whole, given the feedback we've had from emergency responders from local officials, it's been pretty positive, but if you consider what might have happened had we not had that ban, i think we were pretty well served by it. >> north and south of boston, more difficult situation when it comes to the ocean waters and the coastal flooding that's been experienced. they saw the water come up over the seawall into the low lying neighborhoods, into the back
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yards. the concern there is that it will stay and won't recede and then freeze. that will cause a whole new set of problems. north of the city in salisbury beach, evacuations, this morning, big trouble. they had to bring in an end load tore bring out one of the families there when that high tide headed around 10 a.m even the little bit before that, the waters were coming in and crashing into the low lying homes. and plumb island, beautiful vacation area off of the shore threw in the north, also facing difficulties. at least one home really damaged up there. so these ocean waters proved to be very, very powerful. people are expecting a lot of snow, but the ocean can have just as much of an impact for these low lying areas. today it's about clean-up and safety. there was at least one death today in the city, an 11-year-old boy who been helping his father dig out the family car. it had been covered in snow. this young boy got cold and asked his father if he could hop the exhaust had been covered, so he was overwhelmed by carbon
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monoxide. the emt's tried to revive him and the firefighters tried to revive him and they were unsuccessful. so the authorities here in boston are asking people to be very careful when they're out shoveling, when they're digging out, to remember that that is one of the big concerns in the day after a big snow storm. rick? >> rick: what a tragic story and a good warning for everybody out there. molly line, thank you. >> arthel: definitely tragic. a lot of people are still enjoying the winter storm here. we asked you to send pictures of the storm, and you definitely did deliver. we have got this picture from manchester, connecticut. look at it. what it is is a car completely buried in snow. this looks like a big giant mound of coconut. jean sent us a picture of her brother action benjamin, clearing away the snow at his home of litchfield, maine. her name is jeannie. where i come from it's jean. sharon in westport, connecticut,
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e-mailed us a picture of her front yard. a thick blanket of snow, three feet deep. and what's snow without pooches? here are two little doggies playing in the snow on the upper east side of manhattan. around midnight last night. so this cell phone video is courtesy of our executive producer, david clark, because these right here are his dogs. that's edith the dark sunday and where is the corgi? there he is. >> the corgi is in there, too. >> i see him. so by the way, if you have any images, e-mail them to us at the address you see on your screen. give us your name, location, brief description of what we're look at. of course, stay safe. >> rick: very nice. to really appreciate the size of this storm, let's take a look at it from space. this is an image from the satellite orbiting the earth at a distance of about 22,000 miles above. it shows the two massive system that collided, creating the blizzard of 13. what's in the forecast now? maria molina live in the extreme
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weather center. is it over? >> it's not over just yet. rick, we have so much more weather to talk about because it's going to get cold behind the storm system and as we head westward, we actually have a brand-new winter storm that's developing, producing blizzard conditions as we head into tonight and even into tomorrow across portions of the north central. first i want to show you how much snow we really got from this last storm because we got some impresssive snow totals, the latest, 40 inches at portions of con continental incredible stuff. more than three feet for that particular city across portions of long island, more than 30 inches. more than 30 inches widespread across connecticut. pretty much most of you saw that number in the state of connecticut. otherwise massachusetts, many of you seeing over 30 inches of snow. 24.9 inches, the latest number we do have out of the city of boston. that does make the fifth snowiest snow storm for you over in boston. otherwise the wind was howelling yesterday. we saw wind gusts over 80 miles per hour across parts of connecticut, massachusetts, in
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boston, we recorded 76 miles per hour wind gust. you're talking hurricane-force winds in the overnight hours and even yesterday. otherwise take a look at the snowfall. still coming down across eastern portions of maine. couple more inches here and there will be possible in this area. the worst of it thankfully is over with. so massachusetts, connecticut, continuing those clean-up efforts as we head also into tomorrow because we're expecting sunny weather. the problem, though, is that we actually do have very cold temperatures behind this storm system. take a look at some of the temperatures we're expecting during the overnight hours tonight. single digits for you in new york city. below 0 wind chill in connecticut, rhode island, parts of massachusetts. many of you do not have power. this will be very dangerous. please stay safe. bundle up. try to head into any of your family that may have power for tonight. again, it will be a very cold one here. that snow is here to stakes at least for another day. but as we head into your monday, we're going to be seeing a dramatic warm-up across portion of new england. we're talking high temperatures well into the 40s and even a
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chance for rainfall. so this will be speeding up snow melt. you're talking about possible flooding that could be an issue because we have so much snow and temperatures are just going to be so warm monday into tuesday out here across northeast. across the north central, brand-new winter storm developing. up to 16 inches of snow possible. wind gusts over 40 miles per hour. so blizzard warnings and watches are currently in effect from minute money into parts of nebraska and on the southern end of this storm system, severe weather will be possible tonight, tornadoes, damaging wind gust, hail. this heads eastbound tomorrow. so more severe weather will be possible for you in parts of alabama, mississippi, arkansas, eastern texas, and louisiana. so so much weather going on with this storm system. rick, very quickly, one computer model is showing that we could actually see another nor'easter as wehood into wednesday and thursday. hopefully the system stays south and keeps us dry as we head into midweek. >> thanks so much. >> thanks. we have a fox news alert out of southern california where the
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weather just cleared enough for police to begin using aircraft in the search for christopher dorner, the fugitive former police officer accused of a deadly rampage. choppers with heat sensors are flying over the resort area where police found his burned out truck. authorities say they fear he could have dozens of weapons on him in his manifesto, he brags about his firearms training and describes himself as a top shot with no sign of dorner, the entire region is on alert. alicia has more at police headquarters. we are getting another look at the suspect, new video, correct? >> that's right. fox news has obtained new video of chris dorner. these are images from 2005 when he was attending the los angeles police academy. you can see him here with others from the academy in this training exercise. we have blurred out their faces to protect their identities. this was taken three years before he was fired from the
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department. in terms of the search going on today, as you mentioned, law enforcement is back in the air in the big bear lake area. that was an efforts that was grounded yesterday due to bad weather. our crew up in the mountains talked to resort visitors about the manhunt underway all around them. take a listen. >> it was kind of worrying, but at the same time, it seems almost surreal. like i didn't think it would be a danger. >> it's a little scary, but we've asked around, people who live here if they feel safe and everybody is pretty much feeling safe and not worried about anything. >> arthel, there seems to be an endless supply of vacation cabins in that area which, of course, makes the door to door effort a little difficult as well. arthel? >> arthel: we understand that today the results -- one of the victims was honored. is that true? >> yes, that's correct. monica kwan, she is the daughter of the lapd veteran who defended
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doran andryer during the tribunal that led to his missile. she and her fiance were gunned down. she worked as an assistant coach at the basketball game. they paid tribute to their friend who they called coach mo. players wore warm-up injuriesries that read motivation on the front and, quote, it is the courage to continue that counts on the back. many in the crowd were red, her favorite color. there was a moment of silence before the game began. we also learned that the first of the three funerals for the three people who were shot this past week begins next week. >> arthel. >> arthel: so sad. thank you very much for that report. >> rick: switching gear noose washington, president obama's cabinet getting an extreme makeover. his second term team is shaping up to look very different from that of his first term. before any of that can officially happen, the president has to get his new picks confirmed. doug mckelway has an update live from washington. good to see you. >> you, too. secretary of state john kerry sailed through his nomination
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battle. but rougher waters lie ahead for some other obama administration cabinet nominees. chuck hagel failed to impress a lot of republicans during his confirmation hearing, who had already harbored doubts with his past controversial statements. his testimony reinforced experience held by some. that he is unprepared for such a vital post. >> i am really deeply concerned about what i saw last week. i think i'm leaning no on this nomination and i will tell you why. it was shocking to me when he was asked about our policy toward iran, that the fundamental -- one of the fundamental threats to our country that he didn't know that our policy was not containment? i moon, that was shocking. >> c.i.a. director nominee john brennan performed better in his confirmation hearing. yet faces criticism for holding the bush and obama administrations to two different ethical standards in the war on terror. the republicans are determined to hold up his nomination for another reason.
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>> it is absolutely essential that the documents this committee has requested on benghazi be supplied before the confirmation moves forward. >> and treasury secretary nominee jack lew is facing some new scrutiny. financial disclosure forms reveal he held up to $100,000 in an offshore hedge fund in the cayman islands, the kind of investments that president obama repeatedly criticized. there is also speculation that president obama may pick chicago billionaire and hyatt hotel heiress penny pritzker to head the commerce department. she could face criticism from within her own party. a key obama constituency organized labor has often pick accounted the hyatt chain and pritzker's offices in particular for what it calls unfair labor practices, claims hyatt has hired a number of unionized housekeepers and replaced them with nonunion hires. rick. >> rick: doug, thank you. >> arthel: when we come back, we'll tell but a great old
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moose. yeah, it's on the loose. big old moose on the loose movie. lots of excitement in one neighborhood. >> rick: he's a big guyment also the economy, front and structure center when the president delivers his state of the union address this coming week. our political panel looks at what to expect and what americans want to hear. >> arthel: plus, florida senator marco rubio is set to give the republican response. we're going to look at his leadership efforts to reform immigration. >> we have a fundamental problem in america today and that is that we have a broken legal immigration system and we have a very serious illegal immigration problem. and those are the things that we are trying to address in a common sense way that's good for america my doctor told me calcium is efficiently absorbed in small continuous amounts. citracal slow release continuously releases calcium plus d with efficient absorption in one daily dose. citracal slow release.
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>> arthel: syrian troops backed by war planes are fighting rebels with control of a key highway in damascus. opposition forces say strategic roadway could be an eventual staging ground for an assault on the capitol. british authorities charging a man after he allegedly posted a threat on facebook to kill 200 people and in warren county, ten. no word on a motive. and a big bash in beijing.
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fireworks lighting up the sky to mark the lunar new year. china ushering in the year of the snake. nice show in beijing. jobs and the economy over here remain a top concern for many americans. most americans. so the president will have their full attention when he delivers his state of the union address on tuesday. it's expected that he'll focus on plans to create jobs and to boost the economy. a brand-new fox news poll showing that 40% say the worst of the recession is over. but a majority, 52%, are afraid that the worst is still yet to come. brad blakeman was deputy assistant to president george w. bush, state department consultant and contributing writer and so nice to see you both. thank you for being mirror. >> thank you. >> rick: the word leaking out that the president's really going to focus on jobs and the economy in his speech tuesday night and i think to a lot of american, they're probably asking what's taking so long?
3:21 pm
>> i think he has introduced the americans job act. we contact forget that. but he has three jobs on tuesday night. he needs to focus on jobs and be very specific. he needs to engage the american people to put pressure on congress so that they can pass these legislative efforts. that will get americans back to work. he also needs to lay out a progressive vision for the future and make sure that we can get these thing that have already been proposed like immigration and gun violence prevention. but also tackle very important issues like climate change. so he has a number of different tasks for tuesday night. but he needs to focus on jobs first and foremost. >> rick: brad, this president made history in november by winning reelection while the unemployment rate around the country was over 7%. that hadn't been done since fdr. i just wonder how his ideas, these proposals that he'll outline on tuesday will be received on the hill. are republicans going to be receptive to any of them? n not if it involves spending more money, greg. let's face it, here in america
3:22 pm
today, we have a divide government. we have a house that is controlled by republicans. the senate is controlled by democrats and the white house that's controlled by democratic president. while the american people may have elected the status quo in governing, don't expect it in governance. if the president pontificates and lectures instead of working our problems out together, we're not going to get anywhere in a new congress. and one thing democrats must remember is there is no mandate for this president. there is no room for spending. the american people understand. we have a spending problem. not a revenue problem. if the president addresses that and is conciliatory, i think it will be met with republicans work together. >> rick: the president in a preview told democrats this week that some of the ideas he has on jobs and the economy, that he'll be talking about on tuesday night, improve ams in education, boosting clean energy production, and reducing the
3:23 pm
deficit. does that sound like a jobs plan to you? >> well, it certainly -- i certainly think the american jobs act that i keep saying, it sounds like a talk point, but in that we should pass. and that is up to the house republicans to get that through. but i think that part of the problem for the president is that he has been beating the same drum repeatedly over and over and over again and he keeps coming up against republican opposition in the house. brad said that we have a spending problem. i agree that there are things that we need to look at to make sure that our deficit is under control. that's more of a long-term problem. in the short-term, we need to spend more to get the economy back on track. >> no, quite the contrary. rick, we spend too much money. our economy is not growing because people are fearful. one of your great here rose, bill clinton, said there is about $2 trillion that people are sitting on. why?
3:24 pm
because they have no confidence in sure ty in the marketplace. we have a democrat senate that hasn't produced a budget in four years! that's the only thing they're charge to do do is get a budget. the president submitted a budget, yet not one democrat will vote for it. until we get our fiscal house in order, but you guys can't even get a budget through the senate. >> rick: brad, i got to ask you, because the republicans, talking about getting their house in order, the republican party is split on a unifying message for a way forward. we're hearing sort of cracks in the wall on the sequestration debate on immigration. it doesn't seem like the republicans are in lock step on a lot of issues. i'm wondering how they can combat this president and keep him from pushing his agenda forward when they're not really on the same page themselves. >> we are on the same page. we are with fiscal responsibility. we're on the same page of not continuing to spend and not get return on our money.
3:25 pm
there aren't going to be any more stimulus bills where we pay off unions. when you say the republicans are not together on immigration, we are working through immigration. republicans, you know, this is a metamorphosis in coming up with legislation. we shouldn't be forcing things down legislators' throats. they should be voting their conscious and the bills themselves. one thing we got to do is start reading bills. bills that are passed in the middle of the night, the pelosi ruehl is you got to pass it before you figure out what's in it. those days are over. >> i think that we need to get the economy moving and get americans back to work and as citizens, i think the president is going to charge the american people with the responsibilities of putting pressure on our elected officials to get things moving. we can't just talk about the deficit in the short-term when really we need to spend more. we can't keep cutting jobs because cutting right now is laying off teachers, laying off firefighters. it's not educating our kids. it's going to take people out of head start. these are things that are not going to get us on the right track.
3:26 pm
we need to focus and get engaged and get the economy back on the right track. >> rick: two starkly different views on a way forward. well presented by both of you. so thank you both for coming on. >> thank you. >> arthel: very good. so there is this, in utah, a moose creating some excitement in a residential neighborhood. the moose making himself effectually at home, taking in the sights as he wandsered into various back yards. sometimes hopping walls and fences, posting on facebook. no, he didn't. wildlife officials were finally able to tranquilize him and they suggest you leave that to the professionals, of course. >> rick: i just got -- >> you never approach a moose. they're very aggressive. they can seem real docile and all of a sudden decide to charge at the last minute. >> brian: the good news is, we're told the moose was released back into the wild. >> rick: yes, i just saw his facebook posting, his update that he's back in the wild. >> arthel: see? >> rick: happy to be home. okay. you think that you're safe and
3:27 pm
sound even if your tax preparations are handled by a crook? think again. we'll tell you about regulations that were meant to protect from you fraud. now they're out the window. >> arthel: plus, a block party like no other. huge crowds taking to the street where the fun never stops.
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>> rick: bottom of the hour. time for your headlines on this saturday. the manhunt for a suspected cop killer getting help from the sky. choppers with heat seeking sensors helping officers on the ground as they search snow covered mountains.
3:32 pm
suspect, a form los angeles police officer is threatening to kill former colleagues and their families. nasa space rover curiousity complete ago major new task on the red planet. collecting its first sample of martian bedrock. images show a fresh drill hole next to a test hole that was made earlier. the rover's next task will be to analyze powder from the rock as it hunts for the chemical building blocks of life. and a block party for 2 million people filling the streets of rio de janiero. folks from around the world joining brazilians as they celebrate carnival. it's come one, come all and it seems to get bigger every year. >> arthel: very good. also mardi gras time. thank you, millions of people are digging out after the massive blizzard slammed the northeast and caused a travel nightmare that's just starting to ease. flight cancellations had a ripple effect across the country. some major highways closed for the storm and are just starting to reopen. the job of clearing all that
3:33 pm
snow is far from over. >> it's crazy. the snow is up to our waist. >> it's an all night task. >> arthel: earlier, anna kooiman visited central park to file this report. >> things are slowly starting to get back to normal, more trains are running and the first flights landed at jfk and la guardia. that's after 5300 flights had been canceled because of weather. officials are really commending cents for heating the -- heeding the warnings. long island got hit with 30 inches of snow. because new york faired so well, they're sunning resources from the state to massachusetts and connecticut, power crews and plows because they got hit even harder. here in central park, we have about 11.4 inches of snow on the ground. that's coming from the national
3:34 pm
weather service. in new york, blizzard conditions strandd about 150 cars on the long island expressway and motorists in other areas as well. making for a complicated situation. plows and crews couldn't do their jobs. emergency workers are having to go car to car to make rescues. governor cuomo is still urging residents to stay off the roads. >> i ask the people in the state to use consideration today. if you really don't need to leave the house for an urgent matter, don't leave the house. there are crews all over the state working to clear the roads. it becomes more complicated when people are on the roads. >> rick: power outages devastated massachusetts and rhode island. but not as bad in new york, new jersey and connecticut. it's been a relatively mild winter, is the blizzard did catch some folks often guard. but many say they learned a lesson from super storm sandy and they prepared well. arthel, back to you. >> arthel: anna, thank you very much there in central park. >> rick: the blizzard of 2013 leaving hundreds of thousands of people shivering in the dark.
3:35 pm
about 650,000 homes and businesses are without hour and heat from new jersey up to maine. in hard hit massachusetts, about 400,000 customers are without power. in rhode island, more than 187,000 are waking up with no lights. >> arthel: many people prefer letting a tax professional do their returns rather than sweating it out themselves. but like any profession or business, some tax preparers are not always on the up and up. and now a federal judge has ruled that the irs does not have the authority to regulate tax preparers under a program that the agency had put in place. so without this barrier against fraud, how can you protect yourself when you hand over your personal information to a complete stranger? joining me now, dominic, a financial advisor and president of diversified financial consultants. thank you very much. so listen, this is very serious. the time of year where we're
3:36 pm
doing this. so what if you had a feeling that your tax preparer was doing something shady. are there any sort of concrete signs you can look out for in case something is not kosher? >> let's start with the irs kind of does its own investigation every single year. they publish a list, top 12 dirty dozen, things that go wrong in the tax preparation. in number three in the list was preparer fraudulent acts. so this is a real serious problem. the irs thought they had a handle on it by creating this program. now it's -- >> arthel: we're going to get to that. 'cause people want to know what to do in case you -- >> you got to go with a gut feeling. you're sitting down with somebody new perhaps, right, and they refuse to sign the tax return. if you're going to prepare a return, you have to sign it. you have to put your i.d. number and you have to sign it. they refuse to give you a copy of that return. a lot of the stuff is electronically filed now. you still get a hard copy in your hand. you got to review it, look it over. make sure the information is
3:37 pm
correct. there are forms in that return that you've never seen before? >> arthel: but the forms part, as you north texas a lot of us, we don't know all the forms that are in there. there's a stack of forms, so you don't know if there is an unusual form and also goes back to if the guy says no, i'm not signing it. the preparer says they're not going to sign it, what do you do? >> walk away. pick up and walk away. if the gut feeling is telling you there is something wrong, something is wrong. if you're used to getting $1,000 refund -- we all get pretty much the same w-2, the same mortgage deduction. all of a sudden you go to a new preparer and there is 2, $3,000 in that refund. the alarm bells have to go off. you might have an unusual circumstance this year, hurricane sandy, people going to have property casualty losses. so you might have something different that made the return different, the refund larger this year. but normally people's returns are very consistent, refunds are very consistent. >> why would a tax preparer play with your numbers? what's in it for them? n look, we see it all the time. new client comes in, we review their return.
3:38 pm
what happened here? they're trying to inflate the refund, perhaps, take a percentage of that refund or part of that refund. i'll get you the bigger refund, but i want a piece of it. >> arthel: which is also wrong. >> dead wrong. never, walk away. again, walk away. somebody should get paid hourly or flat rate. never have your refund go to anybody's account but your own. your own checking account. so never split that with the preparer. but either trying to acquire new client, perhaps get a name in an industry. i do all the cops, all the firemen, i do all the union guys. i know all the tricks. these are really alarm bells. go in a different direction. >> arthel: let's get back to the irs -- by the way, the irs is trying to appeal this. >> right. there are state rules. so even though the irs has been struck down bay judge, you still have state rules that might force the preparer to abide by these -- go ahead. >> arthel: no, no. currently right now, federal judge has ruled uncle sam does not have the authority to regulate. so in basically
3:39 pm
what's happened as of now, the tax preparer is no longer need to obtain a tax i.d. number, pass qualifying exams and don't have to complete these yearly education requirements. however, all of the taxpayers can still volunteer to do all of the above. that is who you want to go to. >> they still are to get that tax i.d. number, but they don't have to meet education requirements. they don't have a pass a competency test. these are nonprofessionals. so we're not talking about cpa's, tax attorneys, registered agents with the irs. these are nonprofessionals. the mom and pop operations, the local guys, by the way, they usually do a pretty good job. usually at a much fairer price than a cpa firm or one of these national firms. we don't want to paint everybody with the same brush. you just want to make sure they're qualified. they have a history of doing this. good record with the better business bureau. doesn't hurt if they get recommended by an attorney or financial advisor. got to go with your eyes open. >> arthel: go with your eyes open. >> remember, you sign that
3:40 pm
return, you own it. the irs will hold you personally responsible. >> you can't go in and say this -- >> yeah, the guy prepared it. doesn't work. the irs doesn't care. you signed it. >> arthel: go enjoy your dinner. >> have a great day. >> arthel: thank you. >> rick: good advice. coming up, a brand-new way to fight cancer. how a virus fighting enzyme could be the breakthrough that scientists have been looking for. >> arthel: plus, a closer look at one of the leaders trying to reform immigration. why the approach by republican senator marco rubio could be a game changer for over 75 years people have saved money with...ohhh... ...with geico... ohhh...sorry! director's voice: here we go. from the top. and action for over 75 years people have saved money with gecko so.... director's voice: cut it! ...what...what did i say? gecko? i said gecko? aw... for over 75 year...(laughs. but still trying to keep it contained) director's voice: keep it together. i'm good. i'm good. for over 75...(uncontrollable laughter). what are you doing there? stop making me laugh. vo: geico. saving people money for over seventy-five years.
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>> arthel: when florida senator marco rubio delivers the republican response to the president's state of the union address on tuesday, he will do something that has never been done before. he will do it in both english and spanish. it comes as senator rubio is also taking a lead role in the upcoming battle over immigration reform. >> i hope i never again in the
3:45 pm
future have to come back here and say guess what, folks? we have another 5 million people that are here undocumented. and let me be clear, i personally will not support any immigration bill that does not prehave not that from happening. but it all starts with dealing with the reality that we have 11 million human beings who will be here the rest of their lives. >> arthel: can senator rubio win over staunch republican holdouts? bringing in fox news contributor susan estridge. good to see you. >> thank you. >> arthel: let's start here. he's saying let me be clear, very forceful about his stance on immigration. any other messages rubio needs to sell tuesday night? >> well, the most important message, and frankly, i think it was a really smart move by republicans, the most important message he's got to send to a growing demographic in this country and to those who agree with him, is that the republican
3:46 pm
party is open to change on immigration, that it's not stuck in the position it was in the past; that was partially or greatly responsible for 70% of hispanics voting for president obama in the last election. republicans aren't going to win back the white house unless they win some of those votes. so marco rubio has a tall order, but he's the right guy to do it and it was a smart move by republicans. >> arthel: a tall order, rubio, of course, is there to help broaden gop appeal. let's talk about road blocks that he might face with more conservative and seemingly stubborn sector of the republican party, susan. >> well, i think he is going to face road blocks, but you know, marco rubio does have a very strong, well-founded reputation as a conservative. so i don't think people are going to say, well, he's a rhino, he's a republican in name only. he has proven to be a very popular figure. some people were saying he would
3:47 pm
have been a strong candidate this last time around. i think he's likely to be a candidate next time around. but make no mistake, art, you're absolutely right. this is a first move. but it's not -- it's going to take more than one move for republicans to reach out to that constituency and the message sent by some of the more conservative members of the republican party and tea party republicans is as important as the choice of rubio. if they're protesting his message, then the message gets lost. >> arthel: right. answer this, just a number quickly, how important is morocco rubio to the republican party, 1 to 10? >> he's up there in the 8 or 9 range. if you just do the math, you understand and i know you understand this, you do the math and look at the demographics, i have no doubt that mitt romney would have won the election in reagan america if the demographics were as they were in the '80s. but it's changed and that change
3:48 pm
has helped the democratic party and poses real challenges to republicans. >> arthel: rubio is very, very important to the republican party? >> a very important person. vip. >> arthel: a vip in all caps for sure. so he's going to deliver this speech in english and in spanish. is there any chance that this could come across as play indicating or will it be considered authentic across the board? >> well, you know, it's a risk because there is a strong english only movement in this country. there is a lot of people, you know about los angeles. i hear it all the time, who get annoyed that everything is english or spanish and say to themselves, you know, this country speaks english. i know a number of second generation hispanics, children who say to their parents, i'm not speaking spanish. i want to speak english. so i think the risk here, you know, any big move has risks -- the risk here is that the republicans and marco rubio will
3:49 pm
look like they're being purely political, that they've put politics in front of principle, and you will hear and the question is how loudly, some conservatives saying will we do anything to win? have we no principle anymore? >> arthel: let's talk about rubio. you say this is considered the first move. we'll see and hear a lot of him in 2016. so i ask you, do you believe that -- is it going to be a situation where he's a quick send, a quick rise to the top and perhaps a burnout or will he become -- who was then senator obama, who rose to the top and stayed there? >> you know, i'm smart enough or maybe it's just that i'm old enough to know that you can't predict things three years out. i mean, three years before the 2008 election, i wrote a book entitled "the case for hillary clinton." and it looked to be that the field was going to be, you know, snow white and the seven dwarfs.
3:50 pm
and i think almost nobody, notwithstanding his great performance at the democratic convention in 2004, almost nobody would have said oh, barak obama currently in the state senate in illinois is the man who is going to be the next president. so i think it's way too early to tell. berube i don't has got to be on any list as up with of the coming stars in the republican party. >> arthel: susan, by the way, you are smart enough. [ laughter ] definitely old enough, art. definitely. >> arthel: wise. all righty. good to see you. thank you very much. >> good to see you. >> rick: coming up next, scientists are on the verge of solving a mystery when it comes to the cause of cancer and why some folks who work in the field are hoping the discovery will lead to unemployment. >> exactly. >> i want to work myself out of
3:51 pm
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>> arthel: discovery by researchers at the university of minnesota could change the landscape for women with breast cancer. >> rick: could the breakthrough eventually help in the fight against all cancers? dr. mark siegle is a member of the fox medical a team and professor of medicine at new york langham medical center. this is a big story.
3:55 pm
why? >> this is very exciting. let me walk you through this. the university of minnesota has a team that works on viruses. viruses have genetics to them. they have dna. there is an enzyme. i don't want you to remember that -- this enzyme helps us deactivate viruses. it stops hiv. it stops aids from occurring. so this lab has been looking at this enzyme and to figure out how it stops hiv and they found, lo, lo and behold, it causes a mutations found in breast cancer. they found it in over half of breast cancers. it has kind of what we call a genetic signature. they can actually figure out how it's causing the breast cancer. this enzyme is also found in other cancers. so now they're saying, this is really state of the art stuff and it was published in a journal called "nature," where a lot of this great research comes out. they're saying, wait a minute. if we can stop this enzyme from
3:56 pm
doing this damage, if we can block it, we might be able to stop the cancer from occurring in the first place. that kind of genetic alteration is the future in not only breast cancer, but all cancer. get it to stop from happening. it's not a coincidence that some of the same enzymes involved with cancer are the same ones we use to stop viruses. >> arthel: how do we take this out of the lab and into rel life? how does that work? >> that is the billion dollars question. what we're going to have to do is develop drugs to stop this enzyme. that's going to happen next. it's very -- first thing is, figure out who has it. what general ethics in your family tree cause you to have it, 'cause the breakthroughs in breast cancer have been based on that. a drug came out because of knowing genetic signatures. some people have that genetic problem. others don't. now, this is even more prominent. so if we can figure out a way to stop this enzyme from doing its dirty work in breast cancer and in other cancers, we're going to stop the cancer in its tracks.
3:57 pm
remember, you start with a little tumor cell, then it grows into a bigger one, then a bigger one. if you get it when it's a couple cells, you're not going to have the physical cancer. >> rick: we've spending problem in this country. but do need to spend more federal dollars on this kinds of research in order to find these kind of cures that are so important that touch so many people's lives? >> you know the answer because by the time you get to the chemotherapy stage, you're talking thousands and thousands of dollars to help keep somebody stay alive. much better if you can get this before it even happens. detect it before i need a mammogram to find it, or a cat scan to find it. this is where we're herding because again, people out there need to know this, and they probably don't know this, most cancers are caused by genetic abnormalities. they're caused by mutations that occur. >> arthel: we will leave it there. thank you for that very important research. >> good to see you. >> arthel: hair russ faulkner up next. thank you for joining us. we'll see you next weekend. >> rick: take care, everybody.
3:58 pm
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